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Fortresses & towers


Istanbul , the first city that comes to the mind when someone talks about Turkey and the dreamland of many tourists with its historical richness and naturel beauties. The wonderful Bosphorus and the Golden Horn , worlds famous Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar , the unique St.Sophia and Topkapı Palace Museums are the top visiting points of the world.

As the meeting point of two continents Europe and Asia , İstanbul offers to its visitors a marvelous atmosphere of a metropolis which is based on a mixture of the cultures of the different civilisations.

The crowded streets , inner city traffic , the life at night , pollution and noise that are the marks of a living city make the new comers surprised and confused but after a short time one gets use to all.

The population which is increasing day by day is about 12 millions nowadays.

Although the government capital of Turkish Republic is Ankara , İstanbul is the pulse of the country as the centre of industry , trade , economy , tourism .

 Istanbul was the capital city  of the Roman , the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires.